At Nimble Media our mission is pretty simple: "no more boring content." Today's consumer is digitally savvy and appreciates conversations over sales pitches.  Our specialty is developing creative and authentic brand communications across a number of digital platforms. We embody our namesake by being quick to innovate, execute, and respond to client needs because news travels at the speed of social media. Explore our services here



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maria hill, Nimble Media founder

Maria has over eight years of experience in marketing, community building, and early technology adopting. She has managed integrated social media campaigns, brand launches, events, and building this website without throwing her laptop out the window. In addition to managing Nimble Media she is a lifestyle blogger and creative mentor at Say Hey Girl and has an affinity for craft beer and donuts. She is glad this bio is almost over because writing in third person is awkward. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for a glimpse into her creative process and food pictures.


nimble media

proudly headquartered in Sacramento, CA

E: Hello@Gonimblemedia.com